Easter Saturday Tour @Layton Cemetery, Talbot Rd Blackpool

Published by Deborah Contessa

Dilettante Historian, Graveyard Detective, Folklore Geek & Paranormal Enthusiast.

2 thoughts on “Easter Saturday Tour @Layton Cemetery, Talbot Rd Blackpool

  1. Hello Deborah Contessa. My sister in law follows you on line and is interested in a tour of Layton Cemetary during her visit from America.
    Her name is Julie Croasdell nee Walmsley. Many of the Walmsley family are buried in Layton cemetary.

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    1. Are you related to James Walmsley? Superintendent of Beasts, from the tower?
      I look forward to welcoming Julie on one of our tours. If her visit fails to coincide with a regular tour I can always be contacted privately & I can arrange something mutually convenient .

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