Alfred Merrifield

Once described as a ‘tragic simpleton’ Alfred Merrifield (husband of the infamous Blackpool Poisoner Louisa May Merrifield) always denied any knowledge of his wife’s nefarious deeds.

 Alfred was Louisa’s third husband and 24 years her senior. He was  believed  to be subjugated & browbeaten by his domineering spouse.

But appearances can be deceptive; Mr Merrifield was in fact cunning, scheming and unscrupulous. He happily claimed his half of Sarah Ricketts bungalow (pictured above) and battled with the Ricketts family for his wife’s share after she was hanged. 

 Not one to miss a lucrative enterprise, Alfred set himself up as ‘The Murderess’ Husband’ in a kiosk on Blackpool’s Golden Mile, regaling the passing crowds with details of his wife’s atrocious actions! After selling his story he donated Louisa’s clothes to Louis Tussauds Waxworks and received a £200 payment for allowing his wax image to stand alongside hers. 

Alfred died on the 24th June 1962 aged 80. His body was cremated at Carleton Crematorium where his ashes were placed in Rose Bed no.1. 

Mr Merrifield

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